Hailing from Bordeaux, Bertrand Lacombe is Dombrance, a multi-instrumentalist and live electronic act making serious waves in France and across the globe. 

Somewhere at the intersection of Kraftwerk and Daft Punk, sits French producer and multi instrumentalist Dombrance. 
Dombrance Live is a multimedia performance, with the artist surrounded by synthesizers and pedals – presenting his infectious pounding electronic sounds.
The live concerts are often paired with playful pop-art graphics – a collaboration with illustrator, fellow Frenchman Olivier Laude
His show is highly energetic, Dombrance has the stage presence of a rockstar, armored in his suit and tie, and the signature moustache. 

The music draws influence from the Disco of Moroder, the punk of Soulwax, and the energy of Vitalic, all blended together with pulsing repetitive bass and synth lines. It’s pure electronic bliss – a truly ecstatic experience.

He is a greatly respected Live Act, DJ and producer who has been releasing selective, highly regarded work for almost 20 years gracing labels like Kitsune, Virgin Records, Yuksek’s Partfine, and now Disc-o-lypso.

Disc-o-lypso first discovered his music after hearing the track ‘Donna’ – shared by our friend Freudenthal:

After that, we were hooked on this unique style of driving hypnotic Electro-Disco and have worked  him ever since.


Dombrance joined us in 2019 at the iconic Bowery Ballroom for his first show in NYC. 

Since then his live show has evolved with his expanding discography – Dombrance now has two distinctly different shows:  République électronique and Pour Une France Qui Dance! 

He has played with us at Glastonbury in the iconic Rabbit Hole, in Mexico City, across Europe, and even in Arkansas – where he has become a cult figure due to his back to back performances at Format Festival!


In August 2021 Disc-o-lypso released our first Dombrance EP of Remixes  – reimagining his hypnotic track ‘Taubira’

2023 and beyond!

We are thrilled to announce Dombrance will be releasing his new EP on Discolypso in 2024.
To celebrate we will be putting on some special shows alongside the ever expaning Discolypso Crew 😉

Dombrance Merch!


What was the first record you can remember buying? Or tell us about an important early musical experience.

My first real musical experience was playing the Cello as a kid. The first time I did a piece properly, suddenly I had shivers and understood that music was magic. Since then I’m always looking to get this kind of moments.

If you could have the audio stems to any track what would it be?

I’m lucky to have some of the best multitracks you can find (bohemian and rhapsody, what’s going on Marvin Gaye)

I LOVE that. As a producer and music lover, it’s so enjoying. So I would say « God only Knows » from the Beach Boys.

What was your first musical composition, edit or remix?

I think I’ve start composing when I was about 11 or 12. At the piano. I’ve never been into doing covers. I’ve always try to do my own music. Even if it was bad or sound like the others.

If money and death was not a factor - who would play at your wedding or birthday - both live acts and djs?

Easy. Live acts: Paul McCartney. Dj’s: 2many dj’s, love all things they are doing. With their label, Soulwax etc…

How did you decide that music was your calling? Is it your sole focus?

My obsession with music started as a kid and never stopped. I always believed I had to do something in my life with music. I think sometimes believing in yourself is more important than being talented.

What song do you put on when you wake up or need to get cracking on with the day?

Any songs from Marvin Gaye. Is voice make me feel better. A good start for a day

If you could ask any musician alive or dead one question, what would it be?

I would ask David Bowie to do a song with me.

Do you have an album or DJ set that you listen to repeatedly and would like to share with our clan?

The last album of dope lemon is amazing. On repeat…And my favorite producer/dj at the moment is Damon Jee. Incredible sound and vibe.

Where are you most at peace?

Everywhere, I’m at peace with myself today.


What do you wish we had more of in the electronic music scene?

More live acts. And I also I think that electronic music should move sometimes from clubs and festivals. We should try to make people dance everywhere we could do.

Which acts are really exciting you at the moment?

A new artist call Franky gogo. It’s gonna be the best French acts really soon.

If you had a time travel machine - where in history and the future would you go to?

The end of the 60’s of course. And at the end of the fucking covid…

Which musical acts do you feel have not been dealt their fair hand in the annals of time?

A friend call Sourya. I think is one of the most talented songwriter I met. Wish he was much bigger.

What song do you put on when you want to relax?

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