"Possibly the hardest working man in the Re-edits business!"

London based French DJ / Producer, Nicolas Laugier, aka The Reflex, has become recognised in underground dance circles for his ability to rework old pre-digital records with in-depth editing techniques;  without using any sounds other than those on the original track.

“My goal really is to do versions of classic songs that you’re going to be able to play in years to come. I want people to think, ‘This is the version to play in the club, the one that respects the integrity of the original. The one that’s got the sound’. Not a housed up, cheesy vocal remix. That can work for lots of people in different contexts. A lot of people say ‘Rock With You’ and ‘ABC’ is the version to play. I hope that some tracks are really regarded in years to come as good pieces of work that do the job on the floor. A lot of songs are very dated and you can’t really play the originals anymore.”

After the death of Soul legend Aretha Franklyn The Reflex shared his own tribute the iconic singer.  This bespoke 90 minute mix is a joyous combination of Aretha rare cuts and popular anthems.

Discolypso Questionnaire !

What was the first record you can remember buying?

I can’t remember for sure but it was either MJ ‘Off The Wall’ LP or the Rocky III Soundtrack.

If you could have the audio stems to any track what would it be?

I’d love some late 70’s Aretha Franklin.

What was your first musical composition, edit or remix?

I was in a guitar band in my early 20s, I wrote tons of songs of then.

If money was not an option who would play at your wedding or birthday - both live acts and DJs?

Grace Jones live would be dope. DJ’s, I’d have friends like Guido from Acid Arab or Joey Negro.

Which musical acts do you feel have not been dealt their fair hand in the annals of time?

I could tell you which lazy acts and disgraceful DJ’s have been shamelessly milking it while doing absolutely zero work…

What song do you put on when you wake up?

I listen to the work I’ve done the night before that I’ve put on my phone. It’s actually a great way to hear if it’s any good, first thing in the morning after having worked on it all day / evening.

If you could ask any musician alive or dead one question, what would it be?

Do you want sing on my album? For free cos I probably can’t afford you thanks.

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