Rune Lindbaek is one of the driving forces behind the Norweigian Space Disco dance phenomenon.

With dozens of aliases and tons of records under his belt, he truly is Nordic dance royalty.

Longtime studio collaborator with fellow Norwegians Lindstrøm, Todd Terje, Bjorn Tørske and Prins Thomas, Rune has developed his own wonky variation of the nordic space sound.

His recent ‘Norsk Tripping’ vinyl-only series of edits have been turning heads and pleasing dancefloors all over the world!

Here’s two we shared on Gouranga’s soundcloud

One of Rune’s side many projects is Meanderthals – a collaboration with London legends the Idjut Boys. Urban Dictionary defines the term “meanderthal” as one who adopts “a weirdfunky sort of ‘non-linear’ and integral approach in day-to-day routine; to the outside observer [their movements appear to happen in] a randomly chaotic, somewhat disjointed fashion. The great productivity achieved thru this process by its skilled practitioners may often seem antithetical to the methodology of it.

Pechenga is the name of the area in Siberia that’s distantly visible from Vardø (pop. 2500), the Norwegian fishing island Rune Lindbæk & Cato Farstad both call their birthplace, and where they made their debut album, Helt Borte. While Cato stayed and became Vardø’s one-man musical milieu, Lindbæk moved to the city of Tromsø before establishing himself in Oslo and Berlin as a sought-after musician, producer and remixer.

Pechenga is another project Rune Lindbæk has embarked on, this time with Cato Farstad.

In the winter of 2007, after forming a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work and love for old synth music, prog rock, and ambient music, Lindbæk and Farstad hunkered down in Lindbæk’s grandmother’s house in Vardø to work on music together. Surrounded by the dark of the season, the flickering northern lights, cold storms, and heavy snow, Helt Borte was born in an intense two-week period. They cite ambient masters Stars of the Lid, Dead Texans, Peter Namlook, Brian Eno, Steve Roach, and Biosphere (Lindbæk’s old Tromsø neighbour) as a massive inspiration.

Rune & Todd Terje


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Northern Disco Lights tells the untold story of a group of teenagers in the arctic city of Tromsø, who set off a chain of events that would go on to transform their country. To escape the boredom of growing up in a remote outpost they created their own music scene, setting up radio stations, parties, building synthesizers and making tunes. Word spread as like-minded souls recognised the call to arms and inspired a generation of kids who would go on to change dance music and Norway forever. Taking over 30 months to produce, the team travelled Europe to interview 67 contributors including Bryan Ferry, Bjørn Torske, Prins Thomas, DJ Strangefuit, Todd Terje, Nemone (BBC 6 Music), Mental Overdrive, Idjut Boys, Lindstrøm, Bill Brewster and many more. Over two hundred stills and videos were unearthed including exclusive unseen archives, jaw dropping drone footage and eye-popping animations and graphics. The result is a 20-year story that moves beyond the boundaries of music documentary through struggle, tragedy, inspiration, discovery and pure hedonism. The film has caught the zeitgeist of a globalized world united by music.


What was the first record you can remember buying?

It was by a Swedish band, lead by Abba´s in house sound engineer, called Caramba, when I was 10. There is a track on the album I still think is really good.

What was your first musical composition, edit or remix?

Probably a random drum solo inspired by Boney M´s Night Flight To Venus.

If you could have the audio stems to any track what would it be?

Too many to mention.

If money was not an option who would play at your wedding or birthday - both live acts and djs?

The entire cast of Band Aid in the wedding and Idjut Boys on my birthday.

Gouranga is a Harre Krishna mantra meaning ‘be happy’ - where are you most at peace?

In the nature.

Which musical acts do you feel have not been dealt their fair hand in the annals of time?

Every band that keeps on is a winner in their own right. It´s a privilege to be connected to music. 

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What song do you put on when you go to sleep?

John Cage´s 4′33″

If you could ask any musician alive or dead one question, what would it be?

Paul Mccartney & Stevie Wonder – What’s That You’re Doing? (A reference to the duet with that name on Paul McCartney´s Tug Of War LP. Seek it out!)

What song do you put on when you wake up

Björn J:son Lindh -Transea

How did you first discover Gouranga?

Through a double spread in The Daily Sport

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