With multiple releases on Discolypso, Slovenian photographer and producer Ichisan is truly part of the family. A wizard of melody, all his compositions have a unique style that blends Scandic cosmic disco and synth-infused Italo sounds. 

We like to call it Ichisan’s own ‘Fantasound’. 

Often collaborating with industry legends Prins Thomas, Bjorn Torske and Pete Herbert, Ichisan has released singles and EPs on labels such as Eskimo Recordings, Rare Wiri and Nang to name a few.

His productions and DJ sets have infused magical sunset hours across the world and brought dancefloors in a mangling euphoria from Europe’s best clubs to Tropico Music Festival in Mexico – where we first met him.


We first worked together in 2020 – releasing the popular Baba Mustafa EP on Discolypso

He often works with his talented partner, the much in demand illustrator Meta Wraber

We’re happy to call Ichisan part of the Discolypso Family, and are excited to keep sharing his unique sound with the world.

In the summer of 2021 he joined us in remixing Dombrance’s epic Taubira:

The fantastic ‘Harmona’ is a Balearic disco jam with a filtered Moog-style melody, a funky synth bassline and lush flanger-strings. It overflows with colour and charm and is the sort of dance floor dynamite that always takes things to the next level. Remixer Dan Tyler of Idjut Boys is well known for cooking up left of centre and dubbed out house with plenty of disco influences. Firstly, he adds his wonky tape delay and signature flange over the main theme to take it in a new direction. He also offers an Acid Casualty mix that is more gnarly and perfect for darker dance floors.

The accompanying video sees the watercolour paintings of Meta Wraber brought to life by Anna Boberg. Meta is Ichisan’s partner, and a successful illustrator. Anna is a wizard with after-effects and a notable animator – a dream team for this blissful track!

The irresistible ‘Harmona’ is a great taster of the full length to come.


1. Harmona
2. Harmona (Dan Tyler Remix)
3. Harmona (Dan Tyler Acid Casualty Mix)
4. Harmona (Radio Edit)

In October 2021 came Harmona – the first EP from an album on Discolypso Music.


‘Harmona’ is the first single from Ichisan’s fourth studio album, which is released on Discolypso Music. It comes with two remixes by Dan Tyler of Idjut Boys and a brand new video created by illustrator Meta Wraber and director Anna Boberg, who has worked with the likes of The Chemical Brothers.

By now, Ichisan is a well-known talent in the world of disco house. The Slovenian is a skilled guitarist and brings his musicality to bear in all his tunes. He counts the likes of Prins Thomas and Pete Herbert as fans and has released numerous EPs and LPs on labels like Nang, Bordello A Parigi and Eskimo.

A year later, in October 2022 Discolypso released Ichisan’s much anticipated LP ‘Fantasound’


Fantasound is the fifth full length album from Slovenian Space Disco producer Ichisan.

Ichisan’s sound is Space Disco Pop Bliss – swooshing synths collide with pulsing rhythms and twinkling melodies, creating a kaleidoscopic universe of pure joy.

The artist explains the process:

“The album was recorded during the 2020 lockdown period. In those long uncertain days I watched all kinds of movies and rediscovered the ‘1940 Fantasiaʼ with my three year old son.
I started researching the story behind the production of the animated musical film and especially the sound production of Fantasia. Fantasound was a stereophonic sound reproduction system developed by engineers of Walt Disney and RCA. That is how I found the album title. After the album was recorded I knew that the artwork must be related to Fantasia. I always had ‘The Sorcererʼs Apprenticeʼ in my mind as an inspiration for the album artwork. Mickey Mouseʼs dreams in the dark-blue space and Fantasia poster logo were guidelines. The illustrator Meta Wraber delivered the fantastic artwork in her signature watercolour technique.”

‘Fantasound’ is a symphony of disco and italo, space synth waves and a happy-go-lucky driving rhythms. A sound that doesn’t exist in the real world, the Fantasound is very much alive and in our mind during our happiest moments.

Discolypso Questionnaire

What was your first musical composition, edit or remix?

The lost tune I have started making a day after hearing Bjorn Torske playing in a club here in Ljubljana. I think I named it ‘Topless Blondes’. I started making music much earlier but listening to that Torske set was a game changer. Thank you, Bjorn!

Are there any habits, processes or hacks you do to help yourself get yourself ready to make music?

I go to my studio every day. It is something that I really love. I love making music. No extra habits needed.

What was the first record you can remember buying? Or tell us about an important early musical experience.

At the age of seven I went to my schoolmate’s house and we dug through his older sister’s record collection. That was the first time I have heard of Jean-Michel Jarre. Early 80’

If you could have the audio stems to any track what would it be?

Giorgio Moroder – Utopia (Me Giorgio)

If money and death was not a factor - who would play at your wedding or birthday - both live acts and djs?

Birthday: Patrick Cowley  /  Wedding: Frank Zappa & Grace Jones duet

Which musical acts do you feel have not been dealt their fair hand in the annals of time?

What should it mean to be successful in music?
No matter how you make music or why, if it makes you happy, then you’re successful.

What songs do you put on when you wake up or need to get cracking on with the day?

When I wake up on a lazy Sunday morning I would put on Beck’s Morning Phase album or Air – Premiers Symptômes, Royksopp – Senior for example.

What songs do you put on when you want to relax?

Something with not too many instruments. Usually just piano. Any Bill Evans ballad can be a good choice.

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Which acts are really exciting you at the moment?

Travis Biggs, Billy Frazier, Ray Conniff 70’s albums…

What do you wish we had more of in the electronic music scene?

We have everything. I would prefer less attention to the social media and more focus on music itself.

Do you have an album or DJ set that you listen to repeatedly and would like to share with us?

I’m playing Anne Dudley’s – Sound Stage 6 album in my car frequently.

If you had the Discolypso time travel machine - where in history and the future would you go to?

History: 70’s / Future: 2022

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