Luigi Sambuy - Gemini

New York based Italian producer Luigi Sambuy graces us with his long awaited release ‘Gemini EP’, named after the two iconic 1960s space shuttles that were sent into space concurrently. For Luigi Sambuy, this EP represents an ascension into deeper space, exploring sounds that are different from his previous releases on Anjunadeep and Mechanical.

We are also very proud to have teamed up with artist Alaia De Santis, who brought the essence of this EP to life in the cover artwork.

The two tracks on this EP are very diverse in style and purpose.
First up is Gemini 6, evocative of an ancient distant sound, brought into the future through an amalgamation of breakbeats and synth waves. This track features a rare Partos Trocados vocal sample.
Gemini 7 is a deep and dreamy house track, which gently evolves over time bringing our mind to a peaceful state of ecstasy.

Following the two originals we have a series of remixes, each with its own unique style. The first two, coming from Italian producers.

Etna reworks Gemini 6, giving it his own tribal deep twist, adding melodic strings that give us a sense of timelessness and journey.

Next up is Danilo Braca, one of Italy’s finest exports on the underground Brooklyn scene. His remix of Gemini 6 is quite hard to pinpoint to a genre. Comprised of spatial sounds, acid notes and a thrilling guitar riff performed live by Alvise Marino, Danilo’s remix ventures back and forth from space and the wild west.

Finally we have one of Britain’s most exciting young acts, Dharma, adding his signature electronic sound on Gemini 7. A faster pace and new exciting elements, give us an exciting dance floor trippy moment.
Be on the look out for Luigi Sambuy – young, technical and full of creative sounds.

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