Kalson & Hi - Acid Brazil

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‘Last time we heard from Hardisco co-founder Kalson it was way back in 2012. Then he was sharing top billing with two other producers, making “Acid Brazil” – his debut outing on Disc-o-lypso – a first solo single since 2009. The title track is pleasingly eccentric: a bouncy house romp that brings together squelchy acid lines, sweeping synth-strings, epic orchestration and what sound like samples from an easy listening era Brazilian music classic. It’s odd, but also impossible to dislike. Veterean Norwegian producer runs with the “acid” theme on his accompanying remix, layering waves of psychedelic TB-303 acid lines over heavier house drums and some of the same samples Kalson used. The result is a sleazy beast that’s arguably even better than Kalson’s original mix.’

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