K-Effect - Something Stronger

Review from our friends at Juno DL !

Toledo-based Spanish DJ, producer and mastering engineer David Martin, better known to the music-buying public as K-Effect, comes to New York label Disc-o-lypso with two tracks that, as is his wont, blur the boundaries between progressive house, Italo disco and techno. ‘Something Stronger’ itself is a deep, dark chugger with a sleazy and at times quite menacing feel, and synths that get more intense as it goes on. The accompanying ‘Arms’, meanwhile, is a smoother, lighter ride with a buzzing bee-like synth riff serving as the track’s primary hook. Think ‘Arms’ for the warm-up and the title track for those eyes-down 4am moments.

Legendary Spanish producer, remixer and mastering heavyweight K-Effect graces Discolypso with a second EP, following on from Awareness back in 2020. Something Stronger does exactly what it says on the tin!

The lead track is an uncompromising assault of sound, like futuristic sinister steam locomotive that smashes into you and knocks you for six. This is a track worthy of the biggest rude boy sound system – treat with caution.

The B-side Arms in equally slick in production, but easier on the pacemaker.

These two tracks are an unraveling journey not to be taken lightly, and we caution listeners to let themselves loose to get lost in space.

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