James Rod - Saratoga

For our sixth release we have turned to one of our favourite humans on the planet – the unstoppable James Rod. We have had the pleasure of working with James for a few years now and he is easily the most prolific contributor to Disc-o-lypso. His live show is mindblowingly cool and we cannot wait to party again with him soon…in the meantime this three-track EP is amazing, but the fine people at Juno describe it best : 

“Since launching in the autumn of 2019, Disc-o-lypso has periodically offered up some of the most interesting and inventive nu-disco cuts around. Happily, we can confirm that this EP from Spanish scene stalwart James Rod more than lives up to the label’s high standards, with the Golden Soul Records founder confidently flitting between intoxicating, Moroder-goes-Italo-disco drug-chug (mind-altering mid-tempo opener ‘Die Herrschaft’); undulating, pitched-down, synth-heavy bubbliness (the even slower ‘Licantropia’, which includes some suitably tumbling and glassy-eyed guitar motifs); and driving, punk-funk influenced nu-disco/dub disco fusion (the dark and foreboding ‘Saratoga’).”

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