Ichisan - Fantasound

Fantasound is the fifth full length album from Slovenian Space Disco producer Ichisan. This debut LP on international label Disc-o-lypso Music follows recent singles Harmona and Margit Mono. Ichisan’s sound is Space Disco Pop Bliss – swooshing synths collide with pulsing rhythms and twinkling melodies, creating a kaleidoscopic universe of pure joy.

The artist explains the process:

“The album was recorded during the 2020 lockdown period. In those long uncertain days I watched all kinds of movies and rediscovered the ‘1940 Fantasiaʼ with my three year old son.
I started researching the story behind the production of the animated musical film and especially the sound production of Fantasia. Fantasound was a stereophonic sound reproduction system developed by engineers of Walt Disney and RCA. That is how I found the album title. After the album was recorded I knew that the artwork must be related to Fantasia. I always had ‘The Sorcererʼs Apprenticeʼ in my mind as an inspiration for the album artwork. Mickey Mouseʼs dreams in the dark-blue space and Fantasia poster logo were guidelines. The illustrator Meta Wraber delivered the fantastic artwork in her signature watercolour technique.”

‘Fantasound’ is a symphony of disco and italo, space synth waves and a happy-go-lucky driving rhythms. A sound that doesn’t exist in the real world, the Fantasound is very much alive and in our mind during our happiest moments.

After teasing with several EPs, Ichisan blesses the world via Disc-o-lypso with the full Fantasound, an immersive ecstatic experience filled with twists and turns that will keep you on your Tip Top toes.

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