Ichisan - Baba Mustafa

 A quirky nu-disco three-tracker from Ichisan, AKA Slovenian photographer, guitarist and DJ/producer Igor Skafar. Skafar released an album on Nang last year, which gives you an idea what to expect here: both ‘Baba Mustafa’ and ‘Ultrapasa’ would sit neatly alongside tracks from Nang label mates and fellow East Europeans Sare Havlicek or Ilija Rudman, for instance, having that same glossy Mediterranean 80s sheen. But ‘Baba Mustafa’ distinguishes itself by getting wilder and more wigged-out as it goes along, an idea that’s carried to its natural conclusion on the seriously out-there Dub Mix, which hints at the sonic experiments and explorations of Larry Levan or Arthur Russell.

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Richard Sen
Tim Sweeney
Sean Johnston
Neil Scott
Rollover DJs
Jennifer Cardini Flash Atkins
Alessio Collina
Justin Robertson
Speaking Minds
Billy Scurry


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