Glauco Di Mambro - Assonanza

At the intersection of mystic and electronic we find Assonanza, the latest EP by Glauco Di Mambro. A deep, raw, hypnotic experience, Assonanza is like a tribal acid trip to another dimension.

For this journey Glauco decided to bring along elements gathered on his constant travels around the world. It’s a sound that’s hard to pinpoint, true to Glauco’s unique yet captivating style.

The original track features an exciting blend of live percussion, fruit of his extensive research on Middle Eastern rhythms. Some of the drums used in Assonanza are the Daf, Riqq, Qraqeb, Sagat, Darbuka and Gatham.

The exciting opening track is complimented by an eclectic roster of remixers, each of whom bring their own twist to the ethnic foundations laid by Glauco.

First up is Mexico’s dark disco wizard Inigo Vontier, with a worm hole mix of jungle sounds and sinister cosmic features.

Shubostar follows up with her signature driving approach, full of drama and suspense which takes the song in a different, bouncy, direction.

Finally we have Deer Jade & Isi Audi, regulars on the Tulum & Burning Man scene, reworking Assonanza with a powerful dubbed out twist.

With previous releases on the likes of Sol Selectas, Gardens of Babylon, LNDKHN and Desert Hut, back home in Italy Glauco Di Mambro is the Musical Curator and Resident DJ of “The Sanctuary Eco Retreat” in Rome, Milan, Mykonos, Porto Cervo and Ostuni.

His DJ sets have been described as “emotional, rousing, immersive”… a true ritual experience where all genres of music combine and flow effortlessly the way all rivers end up in one sea.

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