Dombrance - Taubira


1. Taubira
2. Taubira (Josh Ludlow Extended mix)
3. Taubira (Ichisan & Gouranga Clan Disko Dub) 4. Taubira (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
5. Taubira (James Rod remix)
6. Taubira (Josh Ludlow Italo mix)

Two years ago we shared Dombrance’s Taubira to celebrate the artist’s debut show on American soil. That show was at the first of our legendary Bowery Ballroom parties in New York City. Now the crew present a selection of remixes from some of their frequent collaborators.

Dombrance is a French DJ and producer who has been releasing selective, highly regarded work for almost 20 years gracing labels like Kitsune, Virgin Records and Yuksek’s Partfine. The single ‘Taubira’ appeared exclusively via our channel two years ago and now returns for a full release with a stellar set of remixes.
The package opens with the hypnotic, arpeggiated excellence of the original before handing the reins to the assembled remix team. The mixes are bookended by two adaptations from new kid on the block Josh Ludlow who opens things with a powerful club edit with a deep, heady feel and closes out with a pumping 80’s Italo rework. Between these two variations, we have the ‘Clan Disko Dub’ from respected Slovenian producer Ichisan who teams up with the Gouranga Clan to go down a percussive & acidic route. Alongside this, Spain’s James Rod turns in an extended and intense revision that takes things into tripped out, late-night territory.

At the centre of all this is the jewel in an already gleaming crown as Norwegian Cosmic God Prins Thomas takes the track down a psychedelic bass trip – stretched out over a blissful eleven minutes to create something truly timeless.


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Alan Dixon
Damon Jee
Diego Cortez Salas
Jim Stantono
Joe Goddard
Mighty Mouse
Mystic Bill
Pete Herbert
Sean Johnston
The Magician
Tim Sweeney

Juno Download review:
The synth-y hinterland between cosmic disco and progressive/melodic house seems to be fertile ground right now, and that’s where you’ll find this EP from Dombrance, AKA French musician and producer Bertrand Lacombe, a veteran of rock band Brooklyn and electropop outfit DBFC. With six mixes to choose from, pretty much all points on the aforesaid spectrum are represented here, with Josh Ludlow’s Extended Mix the proggiest and Prins Thomas’s the most overtly disco-y – though the track’s essentially mantra-like feel remains intact throughout all of ’em. For this writer, it’s Ludlow’s Italo Mix that hits the sweet spot best.

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