Beyond The Struttosphere -
New Frontier

Beyond The Struttosphere is a new collaboration between Leo Strutt (Strutt Bros DJs) and Ben Chetwood (Flying Mojito Bros, Damian Lazarus’s Ancient Moons) aimed at channelling their considerable musical production experience and boundless love of cosmic dark disco. Their first track, New Frontier (Directors Cut), was self-released late in 2019 and is a slow-burning chug through the cosmos, littered with spacey vintage synth motifs and crunchy power chords. 

It found much acclaim among Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnson’s A Love From Outer Space online fraternity, and was featured in The Juan Mclean’s (DFA Records) recent contribution to Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space mix series. The original is given a makeover by K-Effect, a stalwart of the dark disco scene. His take meanders down a progressive cosmic wormhole with driving basslines and trippy synth riffs that drive the tune to its spaced-out finale.

The boys are back with a new offering on Disc-o-lypso  – Rolling Thunder, a faster, more forthright dancefloor-orientated affair that means business. Complete with gnarly arpeggiator riffs, swirling psychedelic delay lines, a trippy vocal sample borrowed from Platoon, and their now trademark driven guitar power chords. The title track has been given the remix treatment by two aficionados of the scene, firstly the Mexican dark disco wizard Mufti turns up the heat, beefs up the bass, and dials the chug up to 11 to deliver a solid dancefloor destroyer. Cosmic disco legend James Rod delivers a second remix that strips the track right back to its core elements resulting in a minimal slow burner filled with dirty analogue electronics that builds up like a pressure cooker as the track progresses towards its conclusion. The EP finishes with a third remix by the in-house label crew, Gouranga Clan, which reimagines the track as a driving interstellar trip that is sure to spin out a few right-minded partygoers!


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Juno Download review:
‘The same team that brought us creamy nu disco cuts from the likes of Algy Strutt, Hardisco co-founder Kalson and Spa In Disco artist K-Effect now introduces Beyond The Struttosphere! A two-track single packed with four remixes, “New Frontier” throws down a searing synth line attached to an aggy bassline flecked by cosmic acid guitars, while “Rolling Thunder” turns in a rockin’ disco tune through its delayed metal riffs, grungey spoken word samples and dubbed-out appeal. The Gouranga Clan remix clears away the spacey noise of the original to deliver a edgier, stripped back version of “Rolling Thunder”, while K-Effect plays with melody and italo lazer synths in its remake of “New Frontier”. Mufti keeps it electrified and muffled leaving James Rod to bring it home with some spiralling peaks and huge, slo-mo industrial drops. To the Struttosphere and beyond!

DJ Support:

Juan MacLean

The Two Mamarrachos

Justin Robertson

Speaking Minds

Did Virgo

Chris Fortier

Richard Sen

Golden Bug


Flash Atkins

La Dame Noir

Billy Scurry


Bill Brewster



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