Algy Strutt - Future Flashbacks

“Future Flashbacks is an escalating slab of dark cosmic slo-mo disco that draws inspiration from pantheon of sources, including The Unknown Cases’ Masimbabele, Lindstrom, Diskjokke, Billy Idol and Andrew Weatherall’s A Love From Outer Space series. Driven power chords, rolling multi-layered bass lines, trippy vocal samples, 80s-tinged guitar licks and a healthy dose of acid power this chugger through to an arpeggiated breakdown that builds to a cosmic crescendo that drops to bring all the elements back together.

Discolypso have managed to put together this EP with some seriously killer remixes. I’ve been a fan of James Rod and Rune Lindbaek’s studio work for many years and I’m thrilled that these class acts have worked their cosmic magic with such great results! It’s also great to hear the Gouranga Clan’s take on Future Flashbacks – badass!

Production notes: This was a project that started life several years ago as an experiment when making the transition from Logic to Ableton. It was shelved for a few years while I worked on other projects and was resurrected when I found out I was due to become a father in a few months’ time, so I wanted to get one last tune finished, and Flashbacks provided the perfect base. I upgraded many of the original synth and bass parts with newly acquired analogue synthesisers, recorded the guitar parts and beefed up the acid. Some of the original percussion parts remain, though have been twisted out of all recognition by running them through a series of distortion units, analogue delays and various other pieces of outboard gear. The breakdown originally consisted of a blues-rock style organ riff, which was pared back to more of a pad, but didn’t sit well with the new sound the track had acquired, so it was replaced by a whirling italo-cosmic arpeggiator part played on a Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 that was immensely fun to record live.”

Algy Strutt

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