Dicky Trisco – Brasilian Beats Mix

Big thanks to Gouranga for asking me to do this special mix. They asked for a themed mix. So I decided to do a blend of Brasilian Beats as I realised that I had been learning about the wonderful music of Brasil over the last five years by playing at events and festivals there, in particular at the amazing Mareh festival in Bahia. Along the road I have met many wonderful people, visited some stunning places, had a lot of good times and made some lasting friendships. There have also been a few hangovers too I must admit. This mix is about them and dedicated to them all.

Now first thing I have to confess is that I am no expert on Brasilian music. This is the story of a learner’s journey into the music and the people who have influenced and guided me. For me music is all about people and relationships. People are what brings music into your life, brings it alive and gives it significance. I could say that in my life music has meant people, and people has meant music.

I have had many amazing guides on my journey into Brasilian music and the influences of all those people are scattered throughout this mix – people like Joutro Mundo; Selvagem; Ray Mang; Eddie C; Balako; JKriv; Pete Herbert; Guga Roselli; Joakim; Carrot Green and not forgetting the amazing collector Undomundo from Istanbul who sent me my first bundle of Brasilian music way back then. I am proud to call of these people my friends as well as my guides (especially on dark nights).

Most of these people have also contributed in one way or another to the Barefoot Beats label, which has been all about spreading the word about great Brasilian music through DJ-orientated reworks. In fact, many of those reworks are at the heart of this mix.

Throughout the whole process of gathering the music and mixing it together on the decks in my studio, I was filled with joy and memories – drinking whisky and listening to new music in the heat of the day in Bahia, searching for records on stalls in Downtown Rio, playing on boat parties in Boipeba and on rooftops in Sao Paulo and the thrill of playing to 3000 people in a warehouse in the port of Rio. All music lovers need to keep refreshing their approach and keeping the buzz alive. I got my buzz in Brasil!

I hope you enjoy the journey and the music. I know I have loved finding it and putting it together. And please dig deeper into the music of Brasil, the country and its fantastic people. You will be rewarded with similar memories, friendships and good times.

And massive thanks to Gouranga for hosting the mix and encouraging me to pull it all together.



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